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Artic Cat 4str. or Yamaha Ven 600

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looking on some opinions, experiences, or comments. Looking for a touring sled for my parents, either a 02 Arctic Cat 4 Stroke touring or a 02 Yamaha Venture 600. Any thoughts?

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I'm not super familiar with either sled, though I've heard good things about both. I've also heard that the Venture 700 is a top notch 2 up. I guess it would depend on how much they are going to ride, where they plan to ride, and how experienced they are. If new to sledding, I'd go with the AC 4 stroke. If more experienced, they'd probably prefer to stick with a 2 stroke.
Ultimately for me would be, which sled can I get a better deal on, and which dealer am I more confident in when it comes to service?

The Venture is a nice sled with a very comfortable back seat. The AC is going to be a lot slower, due to the less horsepower. What do they want to do? Economocially sightsee at a cruiser pace through the woods or have a little more performance. The 4 stroke does not burn oil, and burns less gas, so all else being equal, it should cost less to run. It also wont make their cloths smell like oil and gas. If dad wants a little performance and speed when going alone, get the Yamaha. For just putting along, I would get the AC.

I want to ride every day, all day, as fast as I can.
BLADEGUY is right. The AC will be slower, but quieter, easier n fuel, and won't require you to put oil in it every time you ride. I woud most likely go with the Yamaha if it was me deciding.

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They haven't owned a sled for quite a fews years and I think are looking for just a sled to go cruising through the woods. This leans me towards the Cat, however its $1000 Canadian more than the yamaha, and the Yamaha comes with 2 years warranty through the local dealership where as the Cat only has one year.

1996 Indy Ultra SKS
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