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asvertising by polaris

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why did polaris market the m-10 less than the edge??
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They marketed the M-10 more than the EDGE? Mabye because they could convince more people to buy the sled if it had a well known suspention under it. I dunno for sure but this is a thought.

Do you know what sleds have the M-10? Is it an option? I thought it was standard on the 600 Classic.

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just got a2002 edge 700 xc Ive ridden both the m-10 and edge. I really believe the m-10 has the edge beat. I just dont understand why they didnt market it better
Maybe Polaris didn't use more M-10's because they couldn't get them. They are made by Fast and I guess they have some kind of deal going with Polaris.Polaris supplies the engines for the Fast Blade, and Fast provides the suspension for the Indy Classic & spring order sleds for Polaris.
<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by niceorange:

Do you know what sleds have the M-10? Is it an option? I thought it was standard on the 600 Classic.

95 XLT Special
88 Saffari 377
89 Saffari Saga 377[/quote]
the M10 comes standard on the new 600 & 700 Classics.You could have ordered the M10 as an option on some of the XC,s during snowcheck.I recieved an interesting piece of mail the other day from Hi-performance engineers( offer the M10 for a variety of makes and track lengths for $1,100 to $1,500.If you have a good , powerful machine, that may be a great way to upgrade for that modern ride without having to purchase a new sled.
I got the same buyer's guide from They only have a portion of the M-10's that fast makes. They came out with a new entry level trail model for $799. And they also have the Ohlins equipted model for $1549. Wish I could afford to upgrade but I have to go out to Breckenridge for a week snowboarding.
M-10s were more racy I thought. Tougher suspension so they are more for ditch bangers. Thats why most ppl aren't ditch bangers(I am but couldn't afford one)
The M-10's were snow check only with the exception of classics. That is probably why, they want to sell sleds in the winter too you know.

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First of all the M-10 suspension is not any better than the 02 Edge supension. Yes the only way you could get the M-10 was if you snow checked it. The difference, the M-10 gives you a plusher ride than the Edge but if your a mogul masher then the Edge is your choice. Any Polaris dealer will explain it to you.

The M-10 does have advantages................IN certain areas. I have ridden both and for me, the dissadvantages outweight the advantages so I would stick with the EDGE suspention. THe M-10 wouldn't hold up to my kind of riding.

I have heard alot of people preferr the Edge over the M-10. Just goes to show more money is not always better!!

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