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Avalanche beacons and cell phones...

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...don't mix! I was in Mountain Equipment Coop yesterday and came across a news article next to the avalanche beacon display. Apparently, cell phones have a serious effect on beacons. The article discussed how a searcher used his cell phone to call for help but never turned it off after he finished the call. Apparently, he started digging about 50 feet from where the victim was actually buried. Investigation revealed that it was his cell phone that cause the beacon to read inaccurately. On the flip side, if your caught in an avalanche and you have your cell phone turned on, you may be in more trouble than you think! Keep those phones turned off in the mountains!
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As I stated in the first post, there was a news article posted by the avalanche beacon display in a store. Next time I go there I'll check out the name of the newspaper.
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