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what exactly does AWS stand for?

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I believe it stands for
for their double wishbone.


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ya....i figured the S was for Suspension, and the A for Arctic Cat or maybe A-arm?...the W part had me wonderin tho....thanx!

Think Snow...hell...might as well think lots of snow!
yeah its just the double A-arm suspension. The reason that they don't have trailing arms and everyone else does.
I think you may see more manufactures without trailing arms soon. Cats patent runs out this year.
Time for the rest to play catchup, huh! hehehe j/k

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How can Arctic have a patent on a dual a-arm suspention?! Blade uses dual a-arms along with Redline. They probably have a patent on a certain way they use it.

blade and redlines are set up differently tho...AC probably just has a patent on the way they have it set up, there shocks go in at about a 45 degree angle while blade and redline's go almost stright up and down...i dunno, ive always wonder why everyone's got the trailing arms when AC has never had them

Think Snow...hell...might as well think lots of snow!
I don't really thing you can have a patent on a 45 degree angle and there is really nothing unusual about the aws that you can patent. I know that the Blade is different for sure but I am sure redline is the same. I dunno why they went different. Just to be different I guess. It really doesn't matter much anyways because the EDGE suspention performs just as well as AWS does.

AC did use a trailing are susp. before I think 86 or something (not sure of the date) They did patent there double wishbone suspension system and I wish I had the answer as to just what it was for.
I got this info from a reliable source. Supertrax I think.
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