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axial fanbelt replacement?

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i wanted to change the axial fanbelt, on my 87 jag with a sprit 440 engine, altough this sled only has 1200 miles im not sure if i trust a 15 year old belt, not to mention if it would break it could overheat the engine in a hurry, so here is my question, i know i must take loose the pull starter to change this, is it a contained deal or is a wound spring gonna shoot out at me and fling the starter pawl through my window, ? i only ask because last summer i did a lawnmower and spent nearly 2 hours trying to get that wire wound spring back in " very frustrating" just dont need any suprises, and my owners manual only shows how to check the belt ! not the procedure to change it out, any advise that anybody can give will be appricated, thanks.
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Ok heres my best guess at what lyes ahead of you.

1) remove recoil assembly (it is an assembly, there should be 3 bolts holding the starter assembly to the engine. Everything will stay where it belongs in the starter as long as you dont remove the bolt/nut on the inside of your rope sheeve.) to gain access to the lower fan belt pully.

2)remove fan cover

3)remove large nut holding fan onto its axle shaft. This will alow the top pully to seperate and one half of it will come off of the shaft and allow you to remove the belt. Make sure that you note the locations of spacers (washers).

4) remove old belt from the fan axle and the crankshaft pully

5)install new belt on lower pully first and then install it on the fan axle shaft. Now put the spacers and pully/fan back onto the shaft.

6)As you tighten the nut that holds the fan on, make sure you are rotating the engine over also to avoid pinching the belt. (for a new belt the spacers should all be inbetween the two faces of the pully) You will need to check and adjust your belt deflection like your manual says to do.

7)reassemble the fan cover and recoil starter.

Now keep in mind that this is my best guess as i cant see other obsticles that you might encounter. I took most of my information from my head, but also looked into one of my books for a sled that was prior to 87, but every belt i have ever seen was changed this way. I hope this helps you a little bit. If you have anymore questions feel free to pm me or ask here in the forum.

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hey thanks alot, thats just about what i figured but its always nice to hear from somebody who has been down this road before, im pretty mechanically inclined so im gonna tear into it this weekend along with replacing brake pads, track slides, belts, plugs, and chaincase oil, and lube everything, grease suspention and jackshafts, so i got my work cut out for me, but i like doing my own work, gives you a sence of pride when your done, and if you do ever breakdown you have a clue on how things work to fix it, thanks again!
Let us know how it turns out? and any other problems you may have encountered.

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Man, those old Jags are great!That's a good idea to change the belt, but you mat also want to check the oil lines for the oil injection.I have a friend that had his Jag rebuilt, then blew a cylinder because one of the oil lines was hard and didn't seal well.It must have let some air in one side and got too lean.Good luck with your Jag!

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yousa changing that belt was a bit of a pain, but i got it done aligning the washers, and the keyway while holding the belt and getting the nut started too!, i needed like 3 hands, but i got it on it was a bit tighter than the orignial, but i could get a 1/4 turn on it between the pullys so i think its ok, then a bit of threadlocker on the stud, but working on these engines is cool, and it passes the time until it snows!
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