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Back from the UP

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Me, my brother, dad, two of my uncles, a cousin, and my dad's sister went up to Grand Marais this weekend. Tons of frickin snow!!! Just got back to Traverse City not to long ago, and we got dumped on here too! I think that all of nothern Michigan got about a foot of snow in the last few days.

But anyways, we got up there on Friday night and went on a short ride around the lodge. Put on probly 30 miles in about an hour. Just a short pidely ride. But on Saturday we started late, about 10 am, then went. Put on 160 miles all day. We could have went a lot longer, but the thing is we had to wait for my aunt, who has only rode twice, and only has a Z 370. She did good, just couldn't keep up very good which pissed her off. She wants a faster sled. But then again she has arthritis really really bad, so that made he slow down too.

But there were these sweet trails that you could fly down about 80-90 MPH, then hit a bump, get some air, and do again. That was awesome. When we weren't waiting for my aunt, we were going 80 or 90 all day. Very fun. Had a lot of fun racing my uncles and my dad on the trails, dusting each other, goin side by side. The funny thing is that I can pass them just as much as they can pass me in the same amount of time, and I'm only 14. Don't go thinking that I'm a crazy kid who can't control that power, cuz that would be wrong. Sure, I may do some stupid stuff every so often, but I'm a pretty smart rider. We all think flying at 90 miles per hour is fun don't we?

I may be young, but I ain't dumb!!!
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not to tell u what to do or anything cuz i never really actually trail rode b4, but riding next to each other at 80-90 doesnt sound real safe to me, if one of u catches a rut and side swipes the other or sumptin, wouldnt be a good result....oh well...i dont have snow, i cant ride....i woulda loved to be w/ ya so i could ride....

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W377 Sounds like when I ride Da U.P.Gassin and Passin .Glad you had a good time! I don't think you sounded unsafe.

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Well it may sound unsafe but we are all very good riders and don't ride over our heads. The trails were wide enough and we know what can happen. That is most of what drives us to ride that fast, the risk of killing ourselves. If you know what you are doing you stay fine.

I may be young, but I ain't dumb!!!
thats the best part of riding is knowing the risk that u have ur whole life riding on what u do and how well ud o it, I have no problem w/ riding fast, but no matter how good of rider u say u are, there is always a chance of something unexpected happening, and it doesnt matter how good of control u think u have the sled, mechanical errors could also happen, i forget who had the story bout his carbide breaking (Hotrod maybe???) but stuff like that can happen, like i said, driving fast is all right, keep it in moderation and remember others are w/ ya and beside ya.

Ready to Ride...NEED SNOW!!!!!!...if you have snow, i hate you...

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Oh believe me, I know. I broke my leg when I was 12 thinkin that I was hot shit, and turned out I was wrong. But now I don't ever ride over my head and try to ride really responsible. Every time we go out, my dad reminds me that I'm not riding a snowmobile, but a weapon. It could easily kill someone, just as a gun could.

But I know what you mean and that is a good point.

I may be young, but I ain't dumb!!!
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