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bad viberation in sled 600 indy

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have bad viberation when driving changed all bearings in crank and drive shaft polaris indy xlt special 600
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Hmm, sounds like something may not be in right, or not tight. Chack for lose bolts, nuts, etc... Can you tell where the rattling is coming from?

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sounds like in direction of chain case but all seems ok in there
try cheacking your track it might be to lose or to tight
also you might want to check all the track clips to make sure they are all there i had a bunch of the clips with guides break off and it vibrated like hell but i also had a loose motor mount. replace the track and tightened the mount and no more vibration


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Or, clutche(s) could be out of balance.
Could it be a crank alignment problem?

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Is it in the engine or in the drive-train?

to check this, remove the belt and SLOWLY accelerate up to normal cruising rpm, if all feels smooth check your drive train, if you feel the vibration its in the engine.

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Follow TR-U's direction to the letter! If you gun the engine with no belt, the clutch sheeves can smack together and shatter....OUCH!!!!!

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Thanks all who responded prob was in belt good riding
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