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Basic Performance Upgrades

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I have a 2001 Polaris XCF 440 SP. It goes good enough, but I want to get some more power out of it. What would be some good ideas that don't involve messing with the engine, tearing it apart, or anything of that nature. I was thinking maybe a power jet kit or a new air filter, something like that. Any ideas?

Where exactly is the way ouit?
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The first things i would look into would be a clutch kit and/or aftermarket pipes. If you do both i would recomend that you do the pipes first. This way when you buy a clutch kit it can be configured with the gains you have made with the pipes. Also i would reccomend that you stick to the same manufacturer of aftermarket stuff, as they will be the only people that will know EXACTLY what the upgrades will have changed...i.e.-peak HP, peak torque, etc...

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P.S....Anyone have a snow making machine i could rent? (just kiddin)
Although I'm not a fan of aftermarket pipes, Triumph is right, if you want more power, I'd go for pipes and a clutch kit, if you don't want to spend big money, buy the clutch kit, if you want both, get the pipes first, because clutch kits are configured according to horsepower, and when you change pipes, you gain horsepower, so a clutch kit for a stock XCF won't perform as well as a clutch kit for a stock XCF with pipes.

I recommend Hot Seat Performance for aftermarket stuff for Polaris snowmobiles.

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