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Belt Adjustment?? Help!!

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On my Polaris on the driven clutch (the large diameter hub which drives the belt, I think that is what it is called) there is a sheave adjuster labelled 1 to 5. I have tried all settings and couldn't get it to work right so I have kept the old belt on - it has over 2000 miles on it.

With my new belt, it still is too tight and I can't get the tension to loosen enough, it still drags on the clutch - this was part of the reason for the hard starting - thanks Smokey (see also "Hard Starting/High Idle" thread for more info).

Anyone have any hints as to how to adjust the belt tension enough - quick and dirty? Should I get a larger belt length? Has the old belt stretched or worn enough to make the new belt of proper size too tight and this means setting the tension in a different way??

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It the belt on the drive clutch even with the top of sheaves or 1/16 higher.
You obvisoly know that your running too tight, so you will need to adjust the center cam on your secondary pully which you have already tried. But my question is, did you rotate the pulley after you adjusted it? I usually adjust my pulley and then drive it around the yard and come back to check it again. If you did this, i would suggest getting a polaris brand belt if you bought an aftermarket one. Otherwise make sure your motor mounts are all intact and tight.

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Yeah I changed it to 1 then ran the sled - no difference, then changed it to 5, ran the sled no difference, then put the old belt on and moved it back to 3 (where it was when I started).

I ran it on a rear stand, and didn't have any force on the belt - no snow at the time. Does that make a difference??

I was trying a Dayco Ultimax II belt - the best you can buy apparently.

It also was very hard to install the belt over the sheaves, pinched my finger twice (actually crushed it pretty good the first time). Is it possible that the driven clutch sheaves aren't responding right to adjusting the center cam? Do they need lubrication??

Motor mounts are good and tight.

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Putting a belt on by yourself can be bitchy and pinch you. I've done it countless times but I usually have help when I need it.

A properly set up track will spin when on the track stand but won't move when idling on the ground. If it wants to jerk forward on the ground it is definitely too tight.

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I'd double check you have the correct belt for your model. Even the old belt could have been wrong. Also, lots of people put belts on the wrong way. Just to be sure Polaris industries shows how to do it:

Your motor mounts are tight, but i'd also check to be certain your torque stop on the PTO side of the engine isn't cranked too tight. This adjusts how much the motor can flex upon clutch engagement. It's right behind the Primary clutch. Good luck!
I buy polaris belts and thats all i buy for my sled, i have never had a problem with them. As was mentioned before you should make sure you have the correct belt. It shouldn't matter weather it was on the ground or on the snow. Keep in mind that the cam can only adjust so far, so if the belt is worn or streched (or the wrong size) the cam can not make up for this. Try taking your belt off of your secondary then adjusting the cam and re-installing the belt to see if it rides any different. or maybe try forcing the belt down into the secondary clutch and then adjust it....on of these ways should work fine if the belt is the correct size

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
Thanx for the input guys. I went back and took your advice TriumphoverU, it seems as if my freindly-neighborhood aftermarket retail guy sold me the wrong belt. It is probably 1/2" to 3/4" too small in overall length. Amazing how much difference that could make but...

Got the correct belt, did some minor adjusting and I'm off again, and I have a relatively good spare belt that I know will work in a pinch if the new one breaks.

On the back of my snow jacket it says...

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