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Belt size for XLT

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Does anyone know what is the proper belt size for a 96 XLT? Can you use different size belts for performance or should you just stick with the recommended size? I used a couple different size belts this weekend (having broken a couple) and couldn't really tell the difference except for idle rpm's and top speeds.
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Why did you break 2 belts in 1 weekend? Something out of line? Phone your dealer and he should be able to tell you what size. Some people perfer Dayco...some perfer others perfer goodyear.
hmmm, you may want to do like mrpolaris said, and i thing your primary& secondary clutches may be mis-aligned, if you are chewing belts up like you say, that just doesnt make any sense.
I think I had a problem with the track freezing up. We were in some really deep snow and if it took a while to dig the thing out with the track buried in snow i figured it was melting and then freezing inside the tunnel, but maybe it is the clutch alignment. Thanks.
on my 93 xlt, the number on the belt is:3211042, otherwise the recomended belt size is 1 3/8x 47 1/4 " this is for a DAYCO BELT/ GOODYEAR IS PART NUMBER 71177, and they state the size as 1 3/8x47 1/8, so you have a few choices, ive always had good luck with dayco belts-however your lookin at around 60 bucks pers belt.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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