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Beware of ditches

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I was just outside of Jackson Hole, WY this weekend with some of the sickest powder and terrain I've ever ridden. Except that now I have a broken back from doing about 55 mph into a ditch and getting tossed. So beware of open fields with hidden ditches that you are not used to. I'm done riding for the season so if you know anyone in the Northern Colorado area that wants to buy a nice XLT with only 1900 miles on it let me know. I could use the money for pain killers.
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Yikes....broken back!?! Hopefully you were riding with someone else to help you out. You done for good, or will you ride next season?

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Just wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Ouch. Sounds like that hurt a lot. Hope you get better soon.

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Anyone know how the riding is out in Montana?

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HOLY S$%T......Man O Man Smokey, I feel for ya. Hope everything goes okay for ya and hopefully you'll be on the trails next season. Good luck
damn man, i too hope you a speedy recovery, and know first hand about those hidden ditches! except i was able to ride home with a sore wrist and a crack on the display of my cell phone
Hope everything is ok with both you and your sled!

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you can break your back and its not as bad as it sounds. My dad did it. It hurts like and and leaves your back in not so nice shape for the rest of your life. Hope for a speedy recovery.
I was actually by myself when it happened and nobody would have known where i was but i rode out OK, kind of figuring I didn't have any other choice. The bad part was that about two minutes later I was trying to make it up this hill with some deep powder and got it stuck. So after breaking my back I had to dig the machine out and get turned around back down the hill. It was a friend of mines whose sled I was using and it had a shorter track than mine so it didn't have the stopping or climbing power of mine, that's probably what caused the problems( my excuse at least). Thanks for the support and I will be back next season for sure with a nicer sled hopfully. I just sold mine today. A couple of tears shed, but the future is bright.
Hit a lane way culvert at 60 mph. Did a number on my back. That was years ago and Im suffering daily. I hope you dont get anything long term like me. You dont know how precious a simple thing like a day with out pain (or a hour for that matter) is till it is not possible any more.
stuff like thats the worst part about this great hobby, i will keep you in my prayers
My buddy's uncle just got into racing 2 years ago and sold his skidoo millenium 800 for a 440 that he could race... well anyway, he just broke his back racing and there not sure yet if he will be able to walk... hes been in the hospital for atleast 2 weeks now. I really feel for him.

Hope you get better soon.
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