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I am getting in the near end stages of this build my build consists of a 1999 non ves big block 700 motor in a 2009 Dragon IQ chassis witj a motor plate from Brad W at PAR with 2008 SLP pipe and muffler with built Y pipe as SLP told me this is the same pipe they use to build for this specific mod build I have put on 2003 PERC wiring/carbs rack mikuni carbs with holtzman atacc system I have un-bolted the oil injection pump covered up hole to water pump and I have hooked up an oil drip tank to the outside crank bearings the fuel system has a 3 way kimpex oil/gas mixed fuel pump I have found away to disconnect the dragon pump while still using the inline filter and fuel lines running a long fuel line to the tank vent for the manual tank pressure whem needed while hooking up a primer system to the carbs and quick disconnect lines along with fuel shut off valve the carbs have 90° homemade fittings with 45° pods with K&N snow chargers and I installed bottom carb bowl vent off delete plugs to clear the bulkhead along with 2003 carb intake boots to clear the steering stem for the 2003 carbs some slight modifying to the right outside switch hole as for the cooling system I have a factory dual cooler system in the dragon and I tracked down my old 2002 race head that has option for knock sensor with plug on opposite side of the thermostat I installed a long brass fitting and I bought brand new a 3 port coolant reservoir bottle to direct for from 1st tunnel/drop down to 2nd cooler/ 3rd water pump housing new new thermostat installed I have also installed a single screen digatron for water and exhaust readouts I ended up using the stock dragon exhaust sensor amd tied it into one of the many fitted ends for the digatron I had as for the water temp did the same into the new temp sensor on the head with a multi pig tail system amd the digatron is hard wired into my harness running from the stator power as it only requires batteries and I only use the diagtron for constant readouts for the temperatures.

Just curious if anyone else had tackled this project as I have if so what did you gear your chain case and how did you set your clutch up Im mostly running elevation at 3000feet/920meters also how did you setup.your carbs needle/slider height along with jets sizes amd air mixer screws thanks in advance

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