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DEAR! Santa we all know you own a righteous ride.I know I've asked for some realy strange sh!t before but you gotta help me.I'm leaving for my inlaws tomorow there in Kingston Ont as of 7:22pm today it's still raining.So please take your righteous ride out early.And cool and whiten thing's for me please.I've tried too be a good boy all year!

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Dear Santa,
All i want for Christmas is my 2 feet of fresh powder. I want to be able to ride all day, and not worry bout dodging rocks. Dont worry bout coming downt he chimney, i just want to wake up, and run outside, start my sled, and ride all day. Hell with the presents, those can wait. I have been deprived for so long. Blizzard all of tomorrow, all of tomorrow night. Christmas morning, perfectly clear, no wind, 2 feet of fresh powder....ok.....i have to get that thot out of my head....all i want for christmas is 2 more feet of that white stuff...all i want for christmas is 2 more feet....

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