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I just put Polaris Syn BLUE in my '00 XC 500 SP. After the fact i noticed the nice warning sticker on the oil tank telling me to use GOLD only. I bought the sled from a dealer, so i have no idea what was in the tank before i added the blue, but did notice that it was gold in color.

I put oil in the tank because the warning light was flickering on and off as it ran. So maybe that helps someone figure out how much oil was already in the tank before i added the wrong oil.

Should i drain the oil tank and just put the right oil in it, not sure what is involved in taking the tank out, or can i just run the blue "mix" until it's empty and then start using the recommended oil.

Thanks for any input. I haven't owned or rode a sled since '86 and look forward to getting back into the sport.
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