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Bman's first weekend out. No pics yet

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Events of the weekend.

Well it was a great trip to the cabin over the long weekend. Rather late arrival on Friday night (about 1am) so we didn’t unload until the next morning. Got the 2 XLTs off the trailer, followed by the A/C EXT and the new Mountain Max. Did a little greasing and fluid checks then off up the trail for a test run.

I can’t say enough about how important it is to be able to turn! I never replaced the skis on the Mountain Max and the wear bars on the bottom were essentially gone. It made for rather difficult turning on the settled snow at our cabin (a little early in the season for good soft snow).

Managed to ditchbang our way to the upper resort area where we finally had some good hard pack to run on. Wow that 700 triple on 2” track really had some bite. Too bad you have to come to almost a stop so you could turn it.
Excellent bottom end and mid-range response out of the Yamaha. Lifting the skis was no problem for that sled. Very similar to the 600 triple of the XLT.

Must admit Yamaha has a very nice and soft suspension on the trails. Well after a few aggressive hill crests, I managed to do a step off. First of three that weekend. Nothing damaged and even had the sled right itself back to the skis and start first pull each time after the roll-overs. The only noticeable difference would have been the brake lever was bent down a slightly. Felt better that way anyway!

One thing that did get to me the second day was a lengthy trail burn with the others was that we were running the trail at a modest 30MPH (old sled kept us in check) that when one of the sleds died along the way, I was first to stop for it. Got it running again but after I fired up again it wouldn’t move. Motor seemed fine but had to shut down and inspect. Tipped her on the side only to find the hyfax (slides) melted to the track clips and would not spin. Wow. Kicked the track nice and hard and it popped off the slides. Filled the track up with some fresh snow and was good as new but I’m sure it’s time for some new graphite hyfax down there. All said and done, the Mountain Max was a great ride. I still love my XLT and think it will be nice to be able to trade off to the Yamaha once in a while and get used to both. Couldn’t get to the top end as the steering problem with those skis made it far too unstable. Those bender pipes sure sound great though.

Pics forthcoming tomorrow. Good to be back but already scheduled to go back this Friday. Hope you guys all get the snow you’re hoping for.


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Lucky lucky lucky....that's all I'm going to say to you my friend who actually has SNOW to ride on!!! What I wouldn't give to fire up my new sled and watch that odometer spin!

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