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boost bottle and indy 500

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Hey guys, my 95 indy 500 already has a boost bottle but would an after market one be better? It has good mid range but, and low end but when i just pin it the throttle response isn't what i want. Any suggestions? Would a new boost bottle do the trick? Thanks guys!
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Reeds. And Boost bottles came stock once?? I never knew that.
What reeds? What boost bottle? I've never heard of either one on an Indy 500 (488cc). Are you sure, or am i wrong?!
I have no idea. Does the 95 have reeds like we use presently? I really have no idea.
I believe the 488cc Fuji motor uses piston port induction, but in 2001 they added case reed induction for better throttle response. If you have bad throttle response on your 95', it could be lots of variables: worn clutch, bad belt, dirty carbs......etc.....the list goes on. Hope this helps.
If the 95 clutch settup on the 488 Fuji is anything like the 2000, it is terrible. A friend has one and since the day he bought it it's been a dog off the line, not responsive at all!
I'd try a clutch kit!

can you get a boost bottle for the fugi motor? i've got a 97 and i'm not quite sure myself.

Yee Haw!!!
The old fuji 488cc was never intended to host boost bottles. The engine block itself was reed assisted but there really wasn't much you could do to that sled. It is reliable and fun to use. Why mess with it?

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