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Bought my first sled

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I am 18 years old and just bought a 1996 arctic cat zr440. It has handle for adjusting the shock, 120picks. Plastic skis, additional carbites, cobra racing windshield. Its the race ready model. 1700 miles. and I payed $2100 for it. Its the neon green one by the way. Ill get some pics for ya in a bit.
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A buddy of mine has a 1996 ZR 440 sno pro, he seemed to like it, until the engine died. I think it was his fault though, too lean of jets.

Congrats on your first machine!

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Of course its neon green... It's a Cat!!

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well some of the 96's were black. and most of the older ones were black also..
Way to go artic I know the Cat is a great sled. The zr is an awsome machine may you have many good years of enjoyment!

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Let's see some pics!

440's totally rock, man!You're gonna love rippin it up on that thing this winter!
This is my exact sled. I cant get my scanner to work so I searched the net for awhile until I found an exact match.
Sweet! Sled,
The 440 puts out almost as much power as a 600. Handles like a dream. Nice pick up. $2100 was a great price.
That is sweet....good to see another snow pickle out on the board!!!

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