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brake system update

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hey i dont know how many of you seen my post about no brakes on a 92 indy trail, but i finally tore into them, my buddy bought a new caliper, so we replaced that, and discovered that the rotor was wraped, so we also replaced that, and just for kicks, we replaced the master cylender/resivoir, just for kicks. so hopefully this cured the "locking up" problem. thanks for the replies on the original subject..

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wasnt i the one that said the rotor was warped and everyone said i was wrong...?...j/k Glad to hear you got it fixed!!

Need some darn snow people.
Thanks xltman,
Did you encounter any problems along the way others might want to think about before attempting this?

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problems,,,,,hmmmm, well other than the fact that i had to do all the work, no really, i got the old caliper out withoout removing the chaincase, but you may as well take it apart, cause in the end when you try to put it back togather, youll end up tearin the case clear off anyways, tip for bleeding the brakes, get a syringe of some sort, put a clear hose on it that will fit on the bleeder screw and draw the fluid through the system until the bubles stop, worls really well, and not as messy. and wash your hands before you put your new brake pads on, cant have the grease on them or you roter, and rub the rotor down with rubbing alcohol, it will remove all the oils from you finger prints off it, and uce brake cleaner for anything else.
Great I will keep that in mind. Good tip

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