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break in for new top ends (91 RXL)

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I finally got it back together. I was wondering if anybody knows how I should go about breaking in the new pistons and wrings. They are wisecoes and I have heard that they are a sesative to being broke in properly.


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your pistons should of come with a little yellow paper it will tell you on there for brek in time, if i doesnt i would take it easy for about and hour (dont keep it woulnd for more then 5 seconds) then slowly start pushing it a little more.

Rule of thumb is usually about one tank of gas. I never really go for that though. If it is just pistons - 15 to 20 miles is fine.

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I'd run 1 tank of fuel with oil mixed in.

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Im gonna go out on a limb here and say do exactly like the book says when the sled was new. Run one complete tank of pre-mix gasoline (50:1 mix) through the motor before adding any more gas to the tank. Now alot of people dont agree with this or think it is unnecessary, but i believe that if taking it easy for the first tank does me ANY GOOD AT ALL, it is worth it. So i would take it easy for the first tank and then see how things go.

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for those pistons I would follow there instuctions to the tee. wiescos tend to swell extremely under heat expesially when there new.

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