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Broken can on my 2002 XCSP 600. Acted like dirty Power Valves

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I finally brought my 2002 XCSP 600 to the shop this year after scratching my head for years on trying to figure out why the top end was lacking. It acted like dirty power valves and I had clean them up and cleaned out the holes in the Power valves by running a small wire up and through them. The Power Lodge cleaned the carburetors and the mechanic called me and said that the XCSP were jetted pig rich from the factory and he recommended to put in 420 jets which he said were safe for up to 20 below Zero Farehite. I said yes and I picked up the machine 2 weeks ago. It ran much better but it seemed to still lack some top end. I decided to wrench on it myself and I cleaned out the airbox and changed the chaincase lube as well as adjusting the chain tensioner. I decided to pull the can so I could get at the tensioner and when I lifted it out I could hear something big clunking inside the can. Turns out the down pipe inside of the can broke loose and I was getting a fair amount of exhaust leakage. I also replaced the front expansion chamber donut gasket too. Here is a picture of the broken can. I welded the down pipe back in and sanded and cleaned up my expansion chamber as well as the can. I painted the pipe and can with high temperature header paint. I also placed some high temperature reflective insulation which is rated for up to 1000 degrees inside the clams to reduce heat loss in the pipe.

I took it out tonight and it really rips. Picks up the skis and pulls really hard. I took it out on the lake and it hauls ass. Ironically back in 2016 my Son and I were riding the full 140 miles of Gun Flint trail and my son was leading on the XCSP and he hit a big hole in the trail. I hit it right after him and busted out a slide rail spring on my XLT touring. I had a low rider after that and I ended up trailering the sleds. After my son hit he said that I seemed to not run as fast and he most likely busted the can when he hit back then.


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good find ,, but loose part in can was more then likely plugging off the outlet, learned the hard way after I replaced a motor once ,, ALWAYS check the can, run fine no top end

The expansion chamber goes into the can looked completely normal and it was not particularly loose either. The only reason noticed it is because I removed the can to adjust the chain tensioner and thats when I heard that the down pipe clunking around inside the can when I pulled it out. Ironically I guess I noticed a little bit of exhaust gas leaking from the area where the pipe goes into the can. However after welding the pipe back in the acceleration is so much better. It appears that even a tiny exhaust leak on a snowmobile can really affect the performance. It still idled and ran ok but it lacked a bit of topend. Now it works great. I thought I would share my find since I never thought to check the can and visually it appeared perfectly normal. Even the snowmobile repair shop didn't notice and the stock springs were still holding the pipe and can together. After fixing it by pulling the pipe and I used a vise grip to fair the end of the down pipe so it seated itself inside the indentation and I welded together and now it it hauls ass.
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