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Build a drag.

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Built this one for $15.
We have another at camp. We pull them with the wives sleds without any problems and they do a great job.

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what exactly do u do w/ that?

Think Snow...hell...might as well think lots of snow!
Trail maintenance.
It's 4' wide 8' long.


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It sure looks longer than 8" you did not become confused did you?
Nice easy cheap drag great setup. Curious do you have to add weight to make it dig in or just as it stands, it is used?

"Meaningless Ride"
what exactly are you're materials
3) 2x4 2) 8' and 1) 4'
2) 2x3 2) 4'
1) 2x6 1) 4'
2) connecting angles @ 4'
4) sweeping angles @ 4'
2) Ilet bolts
1) piece of rope
then used carriage bolts and screws?
Would this be correct if I or anyone elese was to build one like this?
What is it sitting up on? And how thick is you're angle and size?

"Meaningless Ride"
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Yeah, what are the cutting arms? How do they handle the bad whoop-d-doos that sleds leave? Or is that the point, drag often so the trail stays level? Looks simple enough though.

I think.... therefore I sled
Two '94 Indy XLT SKS
Piece of cake. Cost: $10 to $60.
Take 2-2x8x8s and cut 45 degree angles on the front(so if you hit a tree it deflects outwards).
You can buy 1 1/2" or 2" angle iron or use an old bed frame to cut up.
Put 1 cross piece in front and one in back so the drag is approx. 48" wide(your choice).
Cut 4 pieces and bolt them at a 45 angle(2 on each side) to drag the snow to the middle of the drag.
Put a 2x6 crosswise on the back top to act like a dam to drop the snow in the holes.
Then put eye bolts in the front to tie to. I use nylon rope tied to the sled not cable or chain. That way if you do get caught the rope snaps not the sled. Just tie back on and go.
I have one at the house and one at camp and they work great.
It does a pretty good job without weight, but if the snow gets hard you need some.
Those are empty Bud Light cans holding it out of the grass for the pic.
I have no idea where they came from!


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Cool thanks alot. I hope alot of people can see this great, to keep trails smooth.

"Meaningless Ride"
Years ago we started with an old iron bed frame we towed behind our sleds. Then we had a welder start welding cross pieces to catch the snow and smooth it out. We now have purchased Mogal Master drags 4'wide by 8' long that raise with an electric motor to adjust the cutting depth, they work real well. These are pull by work sleds owned by the club.
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