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bulb burn-out problem?

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im having a problem with bulbs, at first i thought it was the switch but after i check it across the terminals with a ohms meter it shows the switch to be good, so i check the headlight and both filliments are burned, then buy running it without headlight , the taillight also burned, and the dash lights got really bright so i killed the engine before they could burn too, im hoping the headlight burning out just caused this problem, any ideas? im gonna work on it today, sure dont wanna have these kinds of problems in the middle of nowhere in the dark, Help!!!

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What kind of sled is it? It should have some type of voltage regulator on it. That is the only thing I could think of. Hook up a volt meter to the hadlight laeds and check the voltage with the engine above 3000rs.
Just a thought

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yes there is a voltage regulator on this sled, ( 87 AC jag) but for right now im thinking that when the headlight bulb burns out that 60 watts has to go somewhere, which explains the taillight and dash lights being so bright and then the tail light burning out too, so as for now im replacing bulbs and i will run the sled and see, if i have more trouble then i may suspect the voltage regulator? i guess, im gonna try it and let you know what i find, never heard of a voltage regulator going bad though?

if its not a CAT, then it must be a dog!
Ive seen it once, head light bulb exploded in to pieces!

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Well vetboy, i hope you read this in time. I wouldnt waste my time installing new bulbs unless you have already changed your voltage regulator. I see your reason of thinking when you say that the headlight bulb burns out so the voltage has to go somewhere, BUT.....the purpose of the voltage regulator is to keep the voltage regulated, so if you burned out a lamp some where, the regulator will "eat" the extra voltage and send it to ground. Hopefully you read this before you burn out all your new bulbs you just installed.

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