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buried the xlt sp today

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well...first off, i got out of bed today and found out that school was cancelled. no, no it wasn't blowing hard or anything it was just snowing so hard visibility was down to under 1/4 mile. this i thought was very "cool" indeed. especially since we already had about 8-10" of snow from last night. a couple hours later after putting up a snow fence i convinced my dad to let me get my sled off the trailer. my brother got his indy 500 off too. well, the first place i headed for was the ditch of course, all of this snow that has fallen and still is falling is just powdery fluff but really wet. i just had on a winter hat and coveralls and junk for working on the farm, not my snowmobiling jacket/bibs etc... well i came to the end of the ditch and my sled was still pretty cold so i was just putzing along and all of a sudden i found myself in a four foot deep snow bank and my skis were under the snow about two feet...well i got it out eventually after some digging. i turned it around and got a bit of a run at it and it was so awesome, the snow just flew up over my hood and over me. my little brother and my dad both tell me they couldn't even see me because of all the snow flying everywhere, yeah...i showed that snowbank who's boss, lol. (i later ended up putting my sled away for the day because i iced up the carbs but i put some deicer in it and it's back to normal already.) i love a nice, powder filled ditch.

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Great story. Ditch bangin the 'ol XLT first time of the year. You gotta love that!

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I wanna do that!! I remember last year when I was doing that kinda stuff. After reading that I want to ride more than ever!

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Sweet. I hope i can do that soon it's been snowing for 3 days and all we have is about 2 inches, you can still see the grass. That sucks. They are just taunting us by snowing a little then never really having anything in the end. At least somebody gets to drive their sled.

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MMMMMMMMMM....... My XLT has got the old .1 miles on it and it looks to be 50's all week and most of next week. This really sucks! This time last year we had a foot and a half!!!! WTF!?!?!?!?!?

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AHHHHH! I see this is going to be very painfull for me; having to see all the fun you guys are having while I'm still waiting for snow.

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hey steve dont feel bad, all we are getting is tiny ass flurries, dammit when is it gonna snow here!!!

I liked the story. Thoughts of winters past are triggered in my mind.

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