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Was out for second ride last weekend on my 95 583Summit and it started rough idle and stalling from idle. We checked everything. The plugs were wet and black but not sooty, loads of gas getting to the carbs, loads of spark. finally got it going after I disconnected one hose between the HAC and a carb.
I bought it at the coast and I live at 1750ft and was riding at about 5500ft when it started giving me problems. When I got back home it still acted flooded. I read somewhere that when a HAC fails, it fails rich. I had the carbs out in the fall buit didn't do anything axcept clean the bowls and check the jet size and according to my local shop, they are the correct ones for this area(provided, I guess that the HAC is functionning properly).
Does anybody know if the HAC only come into play at idle and if so, is there a way I can get by without it? I haven't taken it out yet, but I suspect the little bastard is closed right off all the time now. Am I on the right track?

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