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Can you help me prove the dealer wrong?

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Hey guys, I have a '91 skidoo safari. (ya i know it sucks) well anyway, i was on the trail 3 weeks ago and I lost a cylinder. turns out it was a throtle cable. I sen't that in and got it fixed. 2 weekends of riding later, i lose another. I think I blew a whole in the piston... Now heres the question: (take in mind I don't know much about engines) Is it possible that fixing the throtle cable could have any effect on this happening only with only 15 hours of riding since? Could the gas oil mixture be set wrong and could it have over heated?
The piston that blew was, when you sitting on the sled, the left. (see what I mean...not sure with is mag or pto) If that makes any difference...

Since the throtle cable and a bunch of other things was 490$ I want to make this there fault.

Is $450 a good deal for the piston??

Any replys are greatly appreciated.
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Which Safair model do you have? There are 6 to choose from. The piston for the GLX (470 liquid) should go for around $100 .. maybe a little more.

As for a means of sticking the dealer with the bill, that I'm not sure about. Some of the other guys here should be able to give you some idea on what could have gone wrong ...

I have a 93 Safari Deluxe, and while it's not the best (especially in deep snow) I don't really think it sucks .. it's not slow for a 377 with a top speed of about 70mph or so. I have it up to 110km/h, but that wasn't out on a nice lake or anything and I didn't have it barred for a whole long time.

It's also a fairly comfy sled too .. and not too bad looking.

Anyway .. good luck!
What I have is the '91 safari LE 377 fan... I can get it to 110km/h on packed snow and alot of room...

Sorry didn't mean to jump all over safari's...just mine.
No offense taken .. everyone has their pref.

For a good pricing guideline check out this site .. it's a parts fische site with excellent pictorials on it ..

The pricing is fairly accurate in my experience from dealing with my local rep.

It should help you determine wheather the dealer is trying to pull a fast one or not ..
Thanks alot, Thats a wonderful web site!!
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