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canadian trails

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the snow is starting to fly and I,M ready to hed into canada.
the only place i now that i can do a ten day trip and never cross the same trail twice
happy trails
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Canada has it so good for snowmobiles or as they say "the skidoo" They have lots of open land and generaly if you can get you're machine to do it it is ok with the law.
We rode last year downtown old Quebec a good slow mile on dry pavement on the street, obeying trafic lights and stuff just like a motorcycle. Trying to get to a particular place we were told to eat at. The police looked at us like we were stupid but never even told us we couldn't.

I know could of taken a taxi from the room. Not as much fun. We have this unwriten law when on a sled trip no cars are to be used at all unless an emergency comes up. Besides laugh we did it was worth it!

"Meaningless Ride"
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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