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Hey, I have the sled listed in the title. I bought it disassembled and put it back together and is in running condition... Probably have 100 miles on it. I had to replace magneto and clutch bearings.
I am still working on syncing/tuning the carbs and recently after a ride where it wouldn't idle below 3000rpm I turned the idle/air screws in enough to bring the idle down to the 1900-2000rpm range.
The next time I went to ride it was really boggy, not on take off but as I tried to accelerate more and it just wouldn't go above about 20mph. I tried turning the idle /air screws back out but it did the same thing, making me think it wasn't the carbs.
Boggy acceleration can also be a sign of a warn clutch from what I understand. I've also noticed kind of a funky noise coming from the clutch side.
Before I get into the clutch, I'm wondering what thoughts, advice or ideas people may have for me. I'll also add that ride now it idles fine, starts fine and it all good accept for the bogging down as I try to pick up speed.
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