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Carbides, What the best Kind???

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Hey All,

Burned up a brand new pair of some no name carbides that I bought at Fleet Farm on a 75 mile ride last week. Conditions where just terrible where I went that is why, but my buddy had new ones and his where not half as bad. So was wondering what people thought where the best. I have heard Woody's, and Snow Stuff. Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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I run Woody’s on everything I own. I have been told that the carbides that you buy from Polaris are Woody’s. I have 8” Woody’s on my 1993 AC EXT EFI 550, and when you get airborne you had better have the skies pointed in the direction that you want to go, because when the skies hit the ground you are going that way.

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I currently have a pair of Stud Boy wear rods on my sled. The carbides have worn decent, but my gripe is with the host bar. The bar is a 1/2", where most others are not that large in diameter.

I had a devil of a time getting the freakin' things on and had to get out the drill and do some reaming on the holes to get everything to fit right. Then, after getting the nuts all fastened on, the contour of the bar doesn't match the contour of the bottom of the ski.

Just my personal experience, but I'm not gonna buy Stud Boy carbides anymore. Too hard to get set up! I want to be able to just throw a set on and go, not have to utter numerous #$*!%&!
I am running 10" Woodys carbides on a 5/8" host bar. GREAT carbides, I've tried other brands but the Woodys hold up the best and with the 5/8" host bar they dig in for better cornering and protect the skiis also.

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I don't know what brand name carbides are on the Polaris sleds, but I have put 250 less than perfect, bare ground, miles on my sled and the carbides are still in pretty good shape. We do a lot of road crossings also.

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uhhh hhuuuuhhh uuhuhuhhh you all said woody! huuhhh huhuhhh

Personally I have ATS. Little cheaper than Woody's and they have been on my XLTs for 2 seasons now without any need for replacement for another two I'm sure but I'm rare off the soft stuff when I'm out riding.
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Never tried these but I think they got a good idea, think they're called Eversharp??? Thin, long line of carbide shaped like a skinny rectangle. Since they're not wide the biting agle never decreases resulting in good steering even after a lot of contact with cement. Anyone tried these??

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Roetin x-prt carbides are the best I've used. Their 9" so you better have some studs for balance . I've had good luck with Woody's also {YaYa I said WOODY too!!!} UH HUH HUH HUH HUH Woodys are cool.

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I love Woody's 6'' 60 degres, I've used them on 98XC700, 99XCR700, 01SRX700 and I have a set for my 02ZR800EFI!!!!
PS, I don't have studs though...

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I use woodys carbides on my 99 polaris XCF.
Roetin and Woody's both make excellent carbides.
I prefer the 8" 60 degree 1/2" rod.

I run the OEM Cat stuff (which are Woody's in disguise) in the early part of the season (fluffy snow, dirt patches, wet patches) and then I run the Woody's or Roetin's in the latter half of the season (icy conditions, good hardpack, and lake running) I run 6" or 8" carbides, witht he hard weld and carbide pads. So far, I have tried most brands, and the Woddy's and Roetin's have come up the best.


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I already had to replace mine on the Viper. Now I have Woodys. They last a long time.

carbides? what are those.. im new to this.. can you explain... vut iz deez carbidez you speakin uv.!?!

lol i dunno what i got... the kinds that go under the ski! lol... woodys actually

and i was kiddin about the not knowin what carbides for that smarty that thinks he is smart... lol jk

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