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Changing sliders...

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This year I want to change the sliders myself. I have an XLT with the extra12 and the sliders that are on it don't go through the window! Do i have to drop the suspension or what? Sounds like a bitch of a job. Maybe I should bite the bullit and spend the $50.xx or so... ANYBODY know an easier way?

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It's not a real big job to remove the entire skid. Raise up the back end of the sled, loosen up the track and the shock, put something under the track to support it, remove the 4 bolts, 2 on each side and the whole skid comes right out.
You might need a helping hand or two to get it back in and align the bolts but it's no big deal. 1 to 2 hour job at the most including replacing the sliders.

Yea, what he said. lol

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[ nod ] Yup first time took me 2 hours, now I can have them banged back in by myself in about 56minutes. <-- Not that I've timed myelf or anything. I did have the advantage of an engine hoist and warm shop though.
I hate turning wrenches when the metal is cold.

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Yes it is not hard take apart, put back the same way. Check track alighnment and tension as described in the hand book.

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You actually don't even have to touch track tension. Basically, lift the back, take the springs off, take out bolts, take skid out.

easy. I can have mine out in about 5 or 6 minutes and have it back in in about 8 or 10 minutes. (not counting time for whatever reason I'm removing it)

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I don't think so p-man on the extra12. I wish it were true.

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I called the local dealer (good friend) and he said that the extra 12" is a bitch!!!
There are two alignment holes in the side of the sled that have bolts to also remove.
??????????????????? That's how I feel about it..... I will just watch him do it, pay the $50.xx and ride a couple of tanks less this year!
If you do not feel comfortable, by all means have the dealer do it. For $50. you do not want to chance dammage if you are that confused. Personally I do not find it very difficult if you just take you're time.

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