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Seems like we have a few threads going and I figured it wouls be easier for anyone going this weekend, or already lives there to have one thread to meet up.

I'll be there Saturday afternoon/evening, with at least 2 sleds. I'll be in the Sister lakes area - the trail that goes to BT's Pub on 152 goes directly east to the place I'll be staying.

If you guys that live there could post up how the trails are on fri. night going into sat. I know I'd appreciate it. If anyone needs a sled hauled - let me know. I have a big 2 place that can easily fit 3 - or we can do what I usually do. Toss one in the bed!
I'll be wrenching on Sat. before I go so if anyone who wants to come with me needs to do anything - I'll leave that open to you. I just have a few things to do - carb sync, susp. lube. etc.

If you need my phone # just shoot me a PM.


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