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China Steel Corporation (CSC), Taiwan `s largest integrated producer of steel products, has recently reduced domestic wholesale orders for delivery in January and February 2011 by an average of 3.2%, or NT $ crash 751 per metric ton.

The slight decrease is lower than market expectations. For example, the company has reduced domestic China wholesale prices for steel coils most popular hot-NT $ 976 per metric ton, with others such as steel coils cold rolled steel sheets and galvanized steel coils decline NT $ 600 to NT $ 2,000 per metric ton.

downstream firms show mixed responses to CSC `s price reductions. Some rolling mills and cut and screw makers argue that the small decline in prices won `t for them to compete for orders, but manufacturers of steel tubes and steel structure companies say that the adjustment price rather meet market expectations.

JCTsou CSC president said that the prices of China wholesale won `t new international markets upset, saying that downstream firms can remain competitive with CSC citing coils hot rolled steel to less than $ U.S. 615 per metric ton to favor some customers.

The average costs of production for the world `s largest steel factories range between U.S. $ 550 and U.S. $ 560 per metric ton for steel slabs, including U.S. $ 620 and U.S. $ 630 for coils of hot rolled steel, and between U.S. $730 and U.S. $ 750 for cold rolled steel coils.

CSC, executive vice president of LM Chung said that spot prices of coal have been expressed for months in a row you and many steel mills are expected to raise product prices in the first quarter of 2011, but CSC is moderated to support customers downstream.
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