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Cleaning up

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I was told by the guys where I bought my sled, in general the best way to clean it (and protect it) is to power wash it at the car wash and then spray it with WD40 everywhere (except the clutch, brake, and hood/seat). Is that true? I love WD40 but I am not sure a sled loves it that much too!
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I know we coat our exhaust on my cousins Dirt Racer in WD40 cause it prevents the mud from sticking. I don't really know about that idea. I could see it working and carrying away moisture.
For regular cleaning I would just wash and wax it. At the end of the season it's a good idea to coat all the metalic surfaces ( except the clutch and brake) with silicon spray. I would never use WD-40 it is a penetrating oil and tends to run off surfaces instead of coating them. At a manufacturers service school once the question was asked if you could use WD-40 to fog a motor. The service rep said "you would be better off pissing in the cylinder"
I was also thinking a silicon spray would be better too! I like the quote about pissin in the cylinder! Anyway, silicon on the track, etc is the way to go? Also, do the "treatment" (not just washing) only once a year?
I don't have to worry about washing mine this year it is still clean from when I put it away last year. Looks nice shiny sitting on the brown grass in my parents back yard. It is going to snow up there tonight hope they get more than the 6 inches that are forecasted.

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WD-40 would be a bad idea.

I personally just put some fuel stabilizer in the tank, grease the bearings then run it occasionally in the summer.

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only thing wd-40 is good for is slide lube when running grass dargs in my opinion


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Yeah, WD-40 on hot sliders smells really good

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Wow quite a one sided response.....untill now. After every ride I wipe down the motor with a rag and then I cover the cluthes with an old towel and then I blast the whole engine compartment with the stuff. I also use it on the black belly pan plastic after it gets washed. Its like magic on there, a few squirts and wipe it in with a rag. Looks like new. Doing this for years. No problems or side effects.
Polaris-Man, wasn't that you or was it someone else here who said running your snowmobile in the summer did more bad or good? Hmm, maybe it wos someone else. They say it was bad cause there was no lubrication in it, and stuff like that.

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My feelings are if you run it a little bit a couple of times a summer you are creating condensation in the exhaust and motor. I use stabilizer, a little fogging oil and put a little oil in the cyliders. Every once in a while I'll pull the cord a little bit to move pistons to a new spot . No problems yet;) Oh, I usually power wash it, and use a Honda cleaner and polish. Awesome stuff, about $6 a can(US). I'm not a big fan of wd 40. The main ingredient is water.

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