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CLUTCH HELP 91 indy 5

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i really need help to go riding tonite, my clutch came right off yesterday , i rode about 150 miles this year all ready and i think that for some odd reason no bolt was holding it in, the clutch is a comet , im not sure what model but what do i have to do to get it back on??, Is there supposed to be a keyway on the end of the crank? because there isnt, please please help!!!

o h yeah before i put it back on , is this a good time do do anytrhing to the sled or the clutch like grease it?

thanks alot guys
91 Indy 500 SP
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no keyway, just put it back on and get a clutch bolt from a dealer. don't grease the end of the crank. Did it damage anything when it came off??

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Hey in-d-5 why is there a comet clutch on your sled anyways? What do you think out there people, could this be part of the problem. I am familiar with over twenty personal polaris sleds and many more freinds sleds with polaris clutches and not one came off while riding.
STAY AWAY FROM THE COMET CLUTCHES!!!!!!!!!!!! Ride a Polaris clutch!!! Find someone that's changed thier's to a electric start and buy the remainder of thier clutch. When putting your clutch back on...torque it at 50lbs and you'll be fine. Don't ask me why. Mark in Ontario. Been there and done that !

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