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Clutch Settings

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I'm sure I've seen this posted before, but can't find it now .. anyway ...

The primary clutch on my safari has 3 bolts ( I think it's 3, might be 4) which have numbers all around them. 1 Through 6 to be exact. What do these numbers mean, and what happens if I adjust them up or down? They are currently set on 4.

Also, what should be the approximate torque setting for retightening the bolts once adjusted?

Thanks in advance for any advice you have to offer!

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there is a line on the bolt that points to the number. when you change that from say 5-6, it will increase your maximum rpm's by 200. so if it was set at 3 and u changed it to 5 it would increase the max rpm 400.
which clutch is it on?

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Thanks guys.

Polaris-Man: It's on the primary clutch on the engine.

Further to this topic,

Does the increase/decrease in RPM apply all across the range (other than idle) or just to the flat-out top RPM? Meaning to say, if I changed my setting from 4 down to 1, would that drop my whole RPM spectrum by 600, or just my maximum?

I guess the simple question is, will it change the engagement RPM? Right now the clutch engages around 3500 - 3750, would it drop to 2900 - 3150?

Also, what approximate torque should be used to re-tighten the bolts?


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It would apply to top end only, I would suspect anyway.

I dunno much about ski doo clutches.

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Polaris-Man is right it would just apply to the top end.
You said the primary clutch, what do the same adjustments on the secondary clutch ( on the jackshaft ) change?

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I don't think there are any settings like that on my secondary clutch, though I suspect the changes would have the same effect. Not sure though. I've never fooled with clutches before.

The only thing I've done with my machine to-date is to loosen the limiter strap on the suspension. I'm going to undo that change at least a little cus I think I loosened it too much. The track doesn't sit flat on the snow any more, the net result being a sled with very unpredictable handling. A bit off topic here .. sorry ;)

Thanks for your help guys. I'll leave the setting at 4.

The adjustments on the secondary clutch (jackshaft) adjusts the height at which the belt rides in the sheves.

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