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96 polaris Ultra,Full race porting,bored carbs to 39.5 114 octane fuel.Bunch of lite weight parts,All guages removed,Delta force three reeds.Custom side exit pipes that run at 9600rpms. Long tracked to 136. All work done by psi.
Current clutching now Is 10M5 weights with Gold Elrandson primary spring,secondary Black Erlandons with a 40/34 helix.
Comes out of the hole hard about 9800-10,000 to about have track and falls down to 8600 and stops pulling this is on grass. Gearing is 21/41 1.95 ratio. Not sure where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated. Iam not sure how old the springs are so iam going to replace them,but wanted to see if anybody else had and suggestions. Thanks
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