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Collett Communicator's

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Does anyone use the Collett Communicators? How do they work?
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I use them, and really like them. It is very nice to be warn people ahead of time about things. You have to play with them awhile to get them tuned good, and if the batteries are low they start to get very staticy. You cannot have long talks on them, but they do make the ride more enjoyable. The range on them really depends on the conditions. They work really good on flat land and clear skies. I usually ride in 2 to 5 person groups and most of the time everyone can talk to each other.
Do you have to run resistored plugs to use radios? I heard that somewhere. I have a pair of Motorola talkabout 250's that I was going to try this year, just have to figure out how to strap it to the handle bar... :)

Where's all the snow??? Grass is still green. :-(
I think that it helps to run resistor plugs. I think it cuts down on the interference from the electrical system. I will try to find my manual for my Collets and post my findings.
I run chatterbox. They are really good until you start to get into high rpms. they are voice activated (VOX) but we opt to use the push to talk since heavy breathing (other peoples) aint no fun to hear when you're sledding.

Resistor plugs for sure! I hate to get on an old sled that didn't run Rs. All you hear is a bad whine and the carrier. Best thing about them is coming to a stop and deciding where to next without having to de-robe so to speak. Also helpful in locating a stuck rider when out in the trees.

Here's an old post I started a while ago for anyone else considering HJC.
I think.... therefore I sled
Two '94 Indy XLT SKS

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