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i have a 92 rxl 650 i just got done doing a compression test it has 105 psi across all three hows that rate for a 10 yr old sled with 4500 miles?
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pretty good. Could be better I think but not bad. just a point you should post things like this in "the Shop"
Not a problem, just next time put it where it belongs, I moved this for ya.

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I have a 90 650 Indy with 4000 miles and a 92 340 Indy with 3400 miles and both show up at approx 95 psi compression.

Both seem to run OK, the tester is new, someone mentioned to put some oil in the cylinder to see if it raises.
my 1980 tx-l 340 has 1700 miles on it and 140psi on both cylinders my 1983 indy 600 triple has 6300 miles on it and has 135 psi across all 3 cylinders not bad for old sleds i havent put a tester on my indy 440 yet

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95 psi is pretty low. My XCR checks in a 150 psi on each cylinder.

I Love B&M Coasters.
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My 94 xlt comes in at 135 on all 3

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