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Cool link

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Here's a cool link if anyone wasn't familiar. Blue book values for snowmobiles. Trade-in and retail. Take it for what it's worth. It's free anyway.;sm&19&zsm;Snowmobiles


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I like Kelly's site, because the prices are pretty high. I question their accuracy though because they dont allow you to add features, etc, and they dont tell how equipped the sleds are for their prices.

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great pretty cool site I just tried my sled. It was a little higher than i would realisticaly be able to sell it for and mine is flawless. Good ball park though

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nada has a site as well, values are close to kbb, ill have to find the link though, or you can just do a search by usine snowmobile values
I just tried a 98 XCR 440, of which I'm looking to buy. They say retail is $4585. The most expensive one I've seen in papers and the net is like $3300. That's a huge difference. I'd say the sites not the most realistic.

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theres your link for NADA

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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