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I feel like it's a dumb question, but will ask anyway... What do people recommend for coolant for sleds? Is the standard mix of Prestone (antifreeze for cars) at 50/50 with water ok? Thanks!
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Mean Green Racing
Elyria, Ohio
This is a quote from the Polaris 2000 Maintenance Manual.

“Coolant Mixture

The coolant supplied in the system is a 50-50 mixture of ethylene-glycol and distilled water. This Mixture will provide protection against freezing at temperatures down to –34 F (-37 C). If greater protection against freezing is required, the percentage of antifreeze
to water may be increased. Use Premium 60/40 anti-freeze coolant. Never exceed a 60% antifreeze, 40% water mixture.

Note: Never add tap water to the cooling system. Minerals cause deposits and may react adversely with the metals in the engine and cooling systems.”

Some dealers stock the 60/40 premixed.

I hope that this helps.

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