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So I am building a small buggy style vehicle and I am using a two stroke Ski doo engine for it.
Never owned a snowmobile or messed with one before so I had a few questions.

Firstly, where can I find a good wiring diagram for the donor sled so that I can incorperate everything back into the buggy when I am done. The snowmobile is a Formula Z 583.

Secondly, I notice that it came with hand warmers which must have pulled quite a few amps. Has anyone tried using the engine's own electrical power to power a small radiator fan? I could add a battery to the circuit to handle the initial amp spike from the fan motor starting up but it would be nice to not have to constantly charge a battery to be able to run the buggy/kart thing.

Thirdly, I could save 6 or 7 inches in overall chassis length if I discarded the original tuned pipe (its rusted full of holes anyways) and built my own which is more conveniently shaped. Does it matter that much how far away from the engine the tuned portion of the pipe starts? For example, if I had two 90 degree bends getting the pipe pointing in the right direction and then attached the tuned pipe, would I see reduced performance/reliability compared to having the 180 bend in the tuned pipe itself? Alternatively, what would happen if I just cut up the existing pipe and welded it back together straight?

Fourthly, the sled I bought has an electric start position on the key but I don't see any battery hookups or anything that looks like a starter motor under the hood. Keeping in mind that snowmobiles aren't my area of expertise, am I safe to assume that the key cylinder was just replaced at some point with one for an electric start sled?

Fifthly, is it safe to run these engines on premix instead of relying on oil injection? I wasn't planning on doing this but I was just curious. If so what fuel/oil ratio is best?

Finally, given that the snowmobile is meant to run in winter and I am going to be running this machine in summer, should I assume that I am going to have to move down a jet size to compensate for 60 degree temperature difference?
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