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Happened on my 96 Formula III 600

What can cause a cracked cylinder head. The dome of the clutch side cylinder had a crack in it. Dealer told me that it was from bad gas and dirty carbs? I suspect it was from them messing up with the torque applied to the head. The piston had to hit either the head or the spark plug. I heard the clank of metal on metal when I tried to start it just before I noticed the problem.

I did get them to pay for it though. I bought the sled from them this fall and they had rebuilt the engine before I bought it. I had the chance to put a whole 30 miles on it since buying it. I also ran it a bit every 2 weeks to keep the gas fresh.

They also said our gas is crap in MN and you should try to use non-oxy gas if you can find it. They had me check for a list of stations in MN selling the non-oxy. MN people may want to check it out.
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