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Aight....I am fouling spark plugs like a bitc...h. They look a little black and I think that I am running too rich. i know i could adjust the oil pump but i am kinda afraid to lean it out to much. just wanted to check if Jetting could cause black. I dont think that jetting has anything to do with black plugs, just wet and scorched plugs. So should I just try small adjustments to the oil pump and see how it turns out ? ?

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ok im new here but, have a pretty good knowledge in 2 strokes, so i will try to help, first it probally not the plugs you could try a hotter plug, if you run a 9 try a 8, use NGK!!!, if that dosent help check to see you dont have a stuck float in the carb, old gas, will stick it causing it to flood and foul the cyls, i really doubt its a oil inj problem, once their adjusted they stay pretty good, id be looking at the carb mostly, it usally the culprit, but check to be sure you have good spark too it is also possable to have a elec problem that mimics a carb problem, should have a hot blue spark, try this first and let me know.
got it fixed......nevermind.....Vetboy....good info...I know...I am a mechanic

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just tryin to lend a helping hand.
So what was it?

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