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Damn!!! They cancelled the snowcross!!!!

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Not enough snow!!!!! GRRRRRRRR I HATE THIS WEATHER!!!!!

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i feel sorry for ya man...the weather does suck, and if u have ever been to snocross b4, it is just depressing to miss it, snocross KICKS A$$. the weather is sposed to shape up, gettin in the 30's now, at least there it is possible to snow in ND now that it has cooled off, last year, we were icefishing on thanksgiving. The lakes arent even frozen at all today.

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hey intended-- if you really wanna see snowcross, go to the Alerus in Grand Forks ND on December 22. my cousins went last year and they loved it, so i think i'm gonna take off from UMD after my finals are over and see if i can make it in time. sounds like a ton of fun.

Yee Haw!!!
Hmmm, interesting. I will have to go to that deal at the Alerus Center. Sounds like fun. I have only been in one of the small parts of the place and would like to go and see the whole thing anyways. Polaris-man, you get these days off right? You could go to GF and we could meet there at the sno-cross or something like that. What do ya think?

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Text[/font=Script MT Bold]NO KIDDING! I HATE WARM WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!

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