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Rode up to Danbury WI yesterday and stopped at Yellow Lake. Here's a few pics. Quite a few went down, only about 3-4 feet deep, but it's gotta be cold.
I think the record when we left was 8 people on 1 sled and completed the skip. 100 yards or so. They were trying for a 9-10 riders on one sled but didn't see if it happened.

Rode 140 miles yesterday.


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cool pics ,i should try that some time [:)]

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Great memories! 2 of my Kids and I used to Skip at yellow before it was banned.
The last yr we did there was over 600 people is what I heard.
Myself and my Son had went down once and my Daughter never did.

YES it was cold!
This shoreline infront of the wall, was a difficult one to climb out.
We had a Polaris XLT and Indy. My Son a Ski Doo.

I know there was 1 death.
I was out on the ice waiting for my girlfriend to come out to skip. A guy came alongside of me and I told him to go ahead. He did.
Instead of going straight up on shore... He turned to go under ( which you had to duck), and hit the cement wall.
I hadnt seen him. As I went across, I was coming up to shore and one of my Sons was waving his arms and screaming for me.
I was an EMT.
End of his story... A miracle!
He had come back the next day.
Not skipping of course.

Risky times . the greatest of times!
Now I have 2 of my Sons that used to watch me and their 2 Siblings.... Modify their sleds and Skip.

Family tradition 😄 ~
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