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Dark Blue primary spring for indy 500

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I have an 1990 indy 500 with stock primary clutch spring, it was recommended to me to upgrade to a dark blue spring to get more punch off the line. any comments or expericens to share? thanks
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what color is your stock primary spring?

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I think gold is stock? I switched mine to light blue, which is between gold & dk blue, closer to dark blue. and it increased my engagement rpm by about 500rpm. it was wicked of the line but it reved out too high (Past peak HP rpm) in high gear. I went back to Stock. I think the dk blue will definately get you off the line better but not sure how your gear shiftout will be. Does anyone know how to compansate for this in the secondary clutch?
Everyone I know has thrown out the gold stock spring in their Indy 500's and put in light blue ones. Dark blue is too stiff.

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the spring is light blue. the original owner must have replaced the stock spring.

any other modifications or suggestions to get a little more zip?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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