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Dial-a-jet question

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I just bought a new Viper ER and I am thinking about putting a dial-a-jet system on it. I plan on going to the Black Hills a few times and thought this would be easier than rejetting every time. I don't know if this is a good idea or not. I would like some feedback if anyone has tried dial-a-jet or not.
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I have never used one. Is it a good concept? Yes, It should work good. It doesn't really take that long to change jets, but, whatever works I guess.

The dial-a-jet system that you are talking about is a nice feature, but usually is not needed. Altitude and really warm temps are the only reason to add this system. Once installed it does make it very easy to change jetting. BUT TAKE THIS FROM EXPERIENCE...ITS VERY EASY TO TURN THE DIAL THE WRONG WAY WHEN YOUR IN A HURRY OR FORGET TO TURN IT BACK WHEN AFTER YOU LEAVE THE SLED SITTING FOR A LITTLE WHILE!!!!....Sorry about the caps but that cost both me and a buddy of mine an engine rebuild. Any more i just stick with the recommended jet and i hardly notice a difference unless its really warm.
If all you are worried about is temp try a holtzman tempaflow. Only modifies for temp not altitude but it is automatic no chance for pilot error. I use the variflow which like the dial a jet you adjust manually. Cost me 1750 last year in repairs because I forgot to readjust and burnt the PTO Piston and toasted the stator. Plugs are cheap!
Just my opinion but I wouldn't modify your sled for the couple of times you might go riding somewhere else. Set it up for where you normally ride.
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