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So who got the chance to ride their sled this weekend! If you did I'm jealous that you got to crack that throttle after sitting idle all summer!

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I didn't. There is no snow here and it got up to 50 degrees today.

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What do ya mean? I drove mine from the garage, around the front yard, wheelied in the back yard, to park it on the side of my house :) Grass has good traction. The carbides did a little damage to the lawn though. Oh well.


Same here, Took mine and the wifes for a burn around the yard. The carbides do tear up the lawn, but he!! it'll all grow back in the spring.

Haven't gotten my sled yet but, tearin up the lawn is always fun.

Haven't gotten any new snow in the last two weeks. But there is still a good packed base on the trails around the lake. Took my sled & new plow on my truck to the lake. Plowed the road into the cabin on the island this weekend unloaded the sled and put on 20 mi saturday. The ice on the lake is about 10-12" thick.
No snow here in northern Colorado. Some of the higher mouintains have about 8-10" but nothing you can take a sled on. Down in town its 70 degrees right now. November 12 and I'm wearing a freakin t-shirt. what's going on here?
I'm waiting for some real snow.I never run my sled untill we have at least 8-10".
let me have my little rant.....just skip over the next few lines if u dont wanna hear me complain

Where the Hell is the SNOW??? it snowed like 4 inches here on bout the 25 of OCT. That is all gone!! Nothing more has come. "nice" sunny skies for the next week. and "nice" warm tempuratures. DAMN NEAR 70 BY THE END OF THE WEEK!!! i live in ND bout 5 miles from the border! WHAT IS GOIN ON HERE

anyway....when we had that snow, by God, a shop can be cleaned up real fast if ur sled is behind a bunch of stuff and it my powder specail is in the front, waitin for a nice foot of powder....SNOW

Think Snow...hell...might as well think lots of snow!
hell i didnt even get a chance to ride around the yard, was too busy with firefighter training classes, i did get a chance to drink alot of beer with some of iowas finest though, (and i dont mean cops)
I drove mine from the garage onto the trailer, to get taken to the shop for a little pre-season tune up and prep. We'll be ready to go when the flakes start falling!!

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We grass dragged twice already within the past month and have another race in 3 weeks. Thats the most I get to do. Besides moving my sled around to work on it.
Well its good to hear that at least a few of you got to ride a little!!!

its been 30's low 40's for the past 3 weeks... no snow.. just cold rain. i cant wait to see the fresh stuff on the ground and hear school is cancelled... even if it isnt i can never make it the 8 miles to school.... mostly stuck on 2 miles to center of town i live on so i just stay home maybe ride the sled to school and tease the runts inside with some antics.. lol the ones that live in town! lol

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My work is right off the trails, so in the winter I almost never take my car to's faster to get here on a sled anyhow.....It's kinda funny parking next to the CEO's car with my sled...hehehe you should see the looks I get!

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here in wisconsin its still in the 60's =( Its really pathetic. But Yahoo weather says its commin soon, really soon. The real question is can you acctually believe them bastards and get your hopes up? Good question>>>.
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