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Dies at high RPM and then restarts

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Hi. I'm new here and I hope this is the right place to pose this question.

I'm having trouble with my 2009 Ski Doo Tundra 550F LT. After an hour when it warms up and at high RPM it stalls and shuts off. Usually I can restart it and it will go again, but if I continue at high RPM it will die again. No backfiring and the gas is premium with seafoam treatment. I bought this sled last year and had it out once when it did the same, so I put fresh gas and fuel treatment in to eliminate fuel issue. The cards are clean and the plugs look good, but they will be replaced tonight. The lights are working fine so the regulator is doing its job. I tore the machine apart and I can't find anything obvious.

Any thoughts on the cause?
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gonna need to find out if its fuel or ignition,, when it trys to die , try to put the choke on to see if it responds better,, if it quits like a switch is tuurned , quickly check for spark , fuel issue could be pick up in tank issue,, carbs , or fuel pump, sometimes it takes 2 or three times to get carbs right ,, electrical ,, check all plugs and connection , look for rubbed thru wires near engine and steering post ,, last could be stator
Thanks for your help. I replaced the plugs and checked all wiring for wear. The connections look good. I rerouted wiring away from potential friction wearing points. When it warms up I'll take it for a good test ride. Cheers.
Please post here when you resolve the problem. I'm having the same problem with a 2010 tundra 550f.
Don't forget to check the gas tank breather line,I've seen it o few times on my sleds
Mine is a fresh rebuilt top end. Just tore the heads off this morning. Turns out I didn't have enough piston clearance. 4 corner smudge marks on the mag cylinder. Whenever i went high rpm it would quit. What is surprising is it would start right backup.
Thanks for your input. I found the ignition switch to be loose so I tightened the nut and now it is running without any stalls.

The back story on it stalling at high steep is that I found that I could turn turn the ignition off and then back on again while the sled was stalling and it would start to run again. When doing so with heavy mits on I found that the whole ignition switch would turn in the console. Maybe a connection would rattle loose at high speed or this is just a coincidence? At least now it is running as it should. I will be replacing that switch before the season is out.
Well it turned out to be a bad CDI. All is working well now.
Update: the CDI was definitely the problem. We had so much snow this year and so much fun. I'm sure glad the problem was fixed early in the year. Now boating season starts. Tight lines everyone.
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