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Traditionally, demand for diesel oil is low in June and July, therefore, exports of diesel often increase rapidly. But because domestic demand was low in June and July this year, the apparent consumption of diesel that shows the inventory of diesel was actually increasing, or at least bigger than usual, during those two months.

Why not China's oil giant to sell its oil? Because the oil refining market, the sale price was lower than the price of wholesale.

In early November, the price of China wholesale diesel oil 7634 yuan ($ 1149.7) per tonne, an increase of 818 yuan ($ 123.19) per month tonne in the month, which was 154 yuan ( $ 23.19) above the national average retail price per ton.

Zhong Jian, chief analyst at the Shanghai Information Technology Co. Ltd. Toprise, Said the high prices of China wholesale to retail prices may cause it difficult for wholesalers to sell oil prices and that retailers willing to sell oil at a loss.
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