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different jug sizes

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I have a 2001 XCSP 500. and I was wonder if the jug sizes could be changed. For example taking jugs from a 600 or 700 and putting them on my 500. Also if that can be done what other changes would I have to do?
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You would have to make sure that the stroke was the same and that the bottom end bearings could handle it. No use throwing a rod just for a minute of riding eh.
Make sure you have adequate cooling for the mod also.
I do not think this would work, although I'm not sure.

I think the 600, 700 and 800 twins are big-block and the 500 and 440 are small-block.

I Love B&M Coasters.
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600's yes, 700's no. 440, 500 and 600 share the same crankcase. The 700 and 800 are on a different crankcase.

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Oh well, I was close.

I Love B&M Coasters.
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when it comes to jugs i prefer that they be at least a "D"

just my humble opinion...

I need spellcheck!
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